Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Amp Up Your Street Efforts

Getting samples into the hands of your target consumers is a massive challenge. Brand ambassadors are a great way to sample to consumers 1:1, but these tactics have budget and/or geographic limitations.
The Handit2 team is here to complement your event, sponsorship, demo, and street team efforts. We offer sampling programs that get your brand into the hands of consumers efficiently via small businesses or organizations (such as daycares, health clubs, senior centers, etc) -- places where your target is already congregating, and where a person of influence already has a relationship with your target consumer.
Get in front of consumers to forge a relationship that will last a lifetime.
A well executed sampling program makes a consumer impact no other marketing strategy can achieve.
With Handit2, you can:
  • Reach A Broader Geography - For example, your ambassadors can focus on key cities, while Handit2 can focuses on an entire region.
  • Expand Exposure In More Intimate Settings - While your ambassadors focus on the large events, Handit2 can focus on individual yoga studios, for example.
Sampling is the #1 way to drive trial and purchase with potential consumers. Contact us today to learn about how we can add value to your existing grassroots marketing plan!
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