Tuesday, September 26, 2017

'Out-of-the-Box' Sampling

Is your target demographic challenging to reach? Are you looking for new, creative, innovative ways to reach your target consumer? Are you trying to ‘reframe’ your brand’s positioning within a certain niche market?
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Getting your brand in the hands of your target consumer can sometimes be tricky. Many marketers have a tendency to focus their efforts on reaching the most obvious and largest concentrations of potential buyers. While this strategy can lead to success for some brands, it often leads to the cluttering of mass market channels, with smaller brands being out spent, and niche consumers being under served.

At the Handit2 Network, we serve brands both big and small looking to reach a specific set of consumers in places where samples aren’t always encountered. By using our targeted venue-based sampling approach, brands can grab the attention of their target demographic in an unexpected, relevant location that is part of that consumer’s everyday life.

If you would like to discuss sampling to a niche demographic via one of our tried and true channels (daycare centers, health clubs, yoga studios, many more), or if you’re interested in building a brand new channel (co-working spaces to reach white collar millennials anyone?) reply to this email or call us at 303-532-5695.